The Story of Keith

I got Keith, my beautiful winking pug, 4 years ago as an unwanted dog after my beloved rescue dog Annie passed away. Keith was so tiny when we got her and I named her after my mum’s favourite band member of her favourite band The Rolling Stones.

Keith and I became best friends instantly and have done everything together ever since. One day we went to visit my Grandad Burtty. We went for a walk but suddenly Keith became very upset and was scratching at her eye. We raced her to the vets but sadly there was nothing they could do to save her eye.

People often ask me what’s wrong with her and I always tell them that there is nothing wrong with her but she’s just winking at them which makes us all feel much better. Keith even has a selection of patches she wears too.

Keith has a boyfriend called Lord Winston, sadly Winston lost his sight in both eyes last month but he is still very handsome and we see him all the time and he is adapting to his new situation much better every day. We take Keith to see him too and his puppies which always cheers him up.

Last year we introduced Keith’s first litter of puppies with Lord Winston. We were told that the vets could see at least 3 puppies but Keith had 6!!!

It wasn’t an easy delivery for her though as 2 of her puppies (twins) got stuck so we again had to race her to the vets to operate immediately. There were 5 black pug puppies and 1 fawn puppy. We decided the twins could never be separated so we kept them both and named them Bolly and Baz.

The other 4 puppies went to our closest friends so that we would always get to see them, which we do! The other puppies are called Pete, Ladybug and Spud and the only little fawn puggy is called Frank. They are all really beautiful but really naughty.


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