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Keith as a puppy

I would like you all to join me and share my journey with Keith, her friends and puppies too. I’ll keep you updated on their stories and adventures and I’d love you to share your dogs stories and pictures too. 

The reason for setting up my website and to introduce you all to Keith, who herself was an unwanted dog, is because I’d like to do something to make a difference and help Wood Green too. 

Wood Green is an incredible charity and shelter offering 24 British Olympian Paula Radcliffe with The Winking Pug book

hour help to animals in desperate need to find them help and new homes and give them a great new chance at life. To find out more about Wood Green please go into the Wood Green tab on my homepage. Together we can all make a difference too by supporting such amazing causes

Catch up soon and can’t wait to hear your amazing stories.

Millie xx

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